Featured in Newsweek
Featured in Newsweek
Rockford Spine Center Surgeons Featured in Newsweek among the Nation's Leading Spine Specialists. Dr. Michael Roh, Dr. Christopher Sliva and Dr. Fred Sweet are identified for their nationally recognized and highly accredited organization.
World Class Spinal Care
World Class Spinal Care
You don't have to leave the Midwest to find world class spinal care. Rockford Spine Center is the only facility in Northwestern Illinois dedicated exclusively to diagnosing and treating spine issues. Three fellowship trained spine surgeons have teamed up to bring advanced diagnostic capabilities and cutting edge treatments to the region.
Patient Philosophy
Patient Philosophy
RockfordPatients are offered a variety of treatments from low-risk conservative options to state of the art surgical treatment. At Rockford Spine Center, you choose your course of treatment, not the doctor
Specializing in surgical and non-surgical spinal disorders
Specializing in surgical and non-surgical spinal disorders
Our goal is to get patients back to their active lifestyle as quickly as possible. Our team of experts uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat the most complex spinal cases. We have an advanced understanding of the spine and specialize in both surgical and non-surgical spinal disorders.
Comprehensive Care
Comprehensive Care
Our state-of-the-art facility offers a comprehensive care setting where patients can obtain comprehensive testing, MRI, pain management, physical therapy and a thorough consult- all under one roof and often times during a single visit.
Fellowship Trained Spine
Fellowship Trained
Spine Surgeons
Less than 5% of surgeons are fellowship
trained. At Rockford Spine Center, you
will find all of our surgeons are
fellowship trained in spine surgery.
Look no further than the experts at
Rockford Spine Center.
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RSC Surgeons Named to 240 Spine Surgeons to Know List

Rockford Spine Center’s three partners have been featured on the 2014 Becker’s Spine Review 240 Spine Surgeons to Know list published last week. Dr. Michael Roh, Dr. Christopher Sliva and Dr. Fred Sweet are the only spine surgeons from Rockford on the list and among 23 listed from Illinois.

Click here to view the entire list.

Dr. Walker Voted Favorite Among Medical Residents

Rockford Spine Center Physiatrist Dr. Marie Walker has been voted as favorite preceptor for the second year in a row by the University of Illinois College of Medicine family practice residents. The recognition was for the 2013-2014 school year.

Third year family practice residents rotate each month through roughly 12 medical specialties. At the end of each year the residents vote for their favorite preceptor, or mentor. Dr. Walker has been a required orthopedic rotation for three years. The residents see patients under Dr. Walker’s guidance. She teaches them about orthopedic and spinal conditions and they learn how to perform injections.

“I’m honored the residents appreciate my teaching and that they look forward to this rotation,” said Dr. Walker, Rockford Spine Center. “Being involved in this program is extremely rewarding for me. When you’re teaching people who are excited and really want to learn, it’s fun.”

RSC Offers Backpack Safety Tips

Wednesday, September 17 is National School Backpack Awareness Day. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, each year there are thousands of backpack-related injuries treated at hospital emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and clinics. Overloading backpacks or carrying them on one shoulder can strain the back, neck or shoulders.

Rockford Spine Center offers the following tips to keep your kids healthy and safe this school year.

  • It is recommended that a loaded backpack should never weigh more than 10% of the student’s total body weight (for a student weighing 100 pounds, this means that the backpack should weight no more than 10 pounds).
  • Distribute weight evenly by using both straps.
  • Select a pack with well-padded shoulder straps. Shoulders and necks have many blood vessels and nerves that can cause pain and tingling in the neck, arms, and hands when too much pressure is applied.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps so that the pack fits snugly on the child’s back. A pack that hangs loosely from the back can pull the child backwards and strain muscles.
  • Wear the waist belt if the backpack has one. This helps distribute the pack’s weight more evenly.
  • The height of the backpack should extend from approximately 2 inches below the shoulder blades to waist level or slightly above the waist.

Featured in Newsweek